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LOCATION: ACO/Land Command 2012 Izmir
TITLE: Economic Analyst
ACO/LAND Command Izmir POST NO. OLC IAX 0040
TALEO VACANY N°: ______________________


The Land Command Izmir provides to the NATO Command and Force Structures immediate responsive land planning capability and robust land competency to ensure land force interoperability, capability, and, when directed by the Supreme Allied Command Europe (SACEUR), will be prepared to provide the core land command and control (C2) for multi-corps operations in support of a major joint operation in accordance with the Allied Level of Ambition.
The Economic Analyst is the principal advisor to the knowledge Development and Analysis Branch Head, the G2, and to the Land Commander on the fusion of Economic Analysis into the current Operational Environment assessment and plans.
The incumbent is part of the Operational Environment Expertise Section, which is responsible for supporting the Commander’s decision-making process, and for contributing to the major supporting processes of planning, synchronisation and assessment, as directed by the G2 Division.
The incumbent reports directly to the Branch Head (Knowledge Development & Assessment).
The incumbent provides the Command with scientific advice and an objective, scientifically based problem solving capability.
The incumbent conducts analytical studies of target and inter-relational economics to support command decisions with impacts in areas such as joint combat, logistics, political/military affairs, war gaming, and simulation.
The incumbent develops or oversees the development of analytical tools to meet the Headquarter’ s needs.
The incumbent provides Economic Analyst support to the Operational Planning Process, and to the Assessment Process.
The incumbent interacts on a regular basis with counterparts to determine how Economic Analysis can support their work.
The incumbent expands Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR) and Intelligence Requirements (IR) into specific Intelligence Requirements (SIR), and Essential Elements of Information (EEI) within the functional area.
The incumbent updates the IR/SIR/EEI as questions are answered by the output of the intelligence plan.
The incumbent ensures that the Headquarters’ Collection Plan includes questions concerning potential adversaries, economic considerations and perspective, with the intent to assist the entire staff in preparing the Commander to make the most informed decisions.
The incumbent coordinates with associated HQs as necessary to ensure intelligence requirements are met. The incumbent supports doctrine and procedures development and provides subject matter expert expertise within the functional area.
The incumbent maintains awareness of current activities and developments across the full spectrum of HQ’s roles, missions, and staff areas to identify possible needs for Economic Analysis support.
The incumbent maintains leading-edge professional knowledge in the field of Economic research and in particular its application to military operations.
The incumbent interacts on a regular basis with high ranking civilian officials both within the NATO scientific community and areas of probable conflict.
The incumbent supports NATO Corps Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL) to certify the NFS Corps within his functional area. He/she also supports exercises (FTX, CPX, CAX).
The incumbent contributes to the Lessons Learned process.
Under routine circumstances, the job is performed in a typical office environment where the risk of injury is categorized as "none”. However, the Economic Analyst may be required to undertake deployments in support of military operations and exercises, and/or short-term travel assignments, both within and outside of NATO boundaries. Such operational deployment may be up to 30 and/or 180 days, and may be on short notice. Acceptance of an employment contract linked to this post constitutes agreement to deploy up to 30 and 180 days, if required.
Master’s Degree or equivalent in operations research, statistics or similar numerate discipline, economics, computer science, mathematics or related discipline, and 2 years of function-related experience.
Minimum of 5 years relevant experience in macro-economic analysis.
Knowledge of the study of economic policy, economic theory and economic decision-making.
Knowledge of the study of abstract deductive systems, including algebra, arithmetic, geometry, real and complex analysis and applied mathematics. (Specialisation in Operations Research).
Must have an English Standard Language Proficiency level of "professional” in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (SLP 3333 based on NATO standards).
Post Graduate work and 8 years of experience in economics, and a sound understanding of both macro and micro economics as they could apply to military operations.
Extensive experience in supporting national and NATO military HQs, to include during operations.
Specialization in Joint operations, Land operations, and Historic impact of military operations on local economies.
Russian Standard Language Proficiency level of "Professional” in Listening, "Functional” in Speaking, "Professional” in Reading and "Functional” in Writing (SLP 3232 based on NATO standards).
Personal attributes
The incumbent must be a mature individual, able to work with and through the inherent NATO military structure. He/she must be a team player possessing good interpersonal and professional skills, and must be able to work well under pressure, and to cope effectively in a demanding multinational, operational military headquarters.
The position requires a considerable adaptability, tact, and someone able to brief succinctly and write effectively.
The incumbent must have a sound academic/scientific background to proactively come up with creative solutions and identify areas of concern before they become vexing problems.
Professional contacts
The incumbent routinely interrelates not only with work associates, but also with a variety of staff, both internally and externally, in performing his/her duties and functions.
The incumbent maintains contacts with NATO and National Economic experts, specialists and organizations, as well as economic professionals in the JFCs and NFS.
Contribution to the objectives
The incumbent plays a major role in providing economic expertise to be incorporated into Operational Planning processes, and as part of the Knowledge Development, which is essential to the Commander’s understanding and awareness to exercise informed, effective C2.
The successful candidate will receive a three-year definite duration contract which may be followed by an indefinite duration contract.
The basic entry-level monthly salary for a NATO Grade A-3 in Turkey is TRY 16,163.17 which may be augmented by allowances based on the selected staff member’s eligibility, and which is subject to the withholding of approximately 20% for pension and medical insurance contributions.
Allied Land Command uses NATO Talent Acquisition Platform. In order to apply for this vacancy, please visit the platform at:, and search for vacancies within HQ JFC Naples.
Note that once you created your profile, you will be able to use it to apply for other vacancies within NATO.
Employment pre-requisites:
Candidates are invited to submit their applications only if:
  • They are nationals of a NATO member country
  • They are over 21 and under 60 years of age at the time of taking up their appointments. Appointments of definite duration may be offered to candidates of 60 years of age or more, provided that the expiry date of the contract is not later than the date at which the candidate attains the age of 65.
Additional information:
A NATO security clearance and approval of the candidate’s medical file by the NATO Medical Adviser are essential conditions for appointment to this post. Applicants are not required to possess a clearance at the time of applying, but they must be eligible for a clearance. ACO/Land Command Izmir will take action to obtain the required security clearance from the successful candidates’ national authorities.
Please note that we can only accept applications from nationals of NATO member countries.

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