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Mobile Training Team

Background information:

    • Cost effective initiative to bring the knowledge to the students.
    • Initiated on requests from the partner country during consultations with NATO.
    • Approved by North Atlantic Council and in general open to other partners through the Partner Cooperation Menu (PCM) and Partnership Realtime Information Management and Exchange System (ePRIME).
    • LANDCOM executes the approved requests from partners and provides training on the following subjects:
  • OPP (Operational Planning Process)     
  • EPP (Exercise Planning Process) 
  • C-IED (Counter-Improvised Explosive Device)
  • INTEL (Intelligence Preparation of Battlefield)
  • LOPP (Logistic Operational Planning Process)
  • CRP (Crisis Response Planning ) 
  • CIS (Communication & Information Systems) 
  • CIMIC (Civil Military Cooperation) 
  • LL (Lessons Learned) 

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