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Jan 31 2022

LANDCOM Leads First-Ever NATO OCC MTT in Colombia

BOGOTÁ, Colombia (January 31, 2022) - NATO conducted its first ever Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC) Mobile Training Team (MTT) to Colombia in Bogotá from 15-26 January 2022. The intent was to create a large national pool of OCC Evaluators and OCC Database managers in the Colombian Armed Forces through training and certification.

The MTT, led by NATO Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), consisted of 15 personnel, with eight persons from LANDCOM, one from Joint Force Command-Naples and six very experienced OCC officers and NCOs from NATO Partner nations Australia, Sweden and Finland.


In addition to the MTT, LANDCOM conducted OCC Roadmap talks in order to develop a common understanding on the desired program and progression for the upcoming year.

Over the course of 10 days, the MTT trained and certified 49 Colombian OCC level 1 evaluators and five Colombian OCC Database managers. The course included academics, syndicate work and a practical phase.

The Colombian armed forces students, consisting of NCOs and officers up to the senior level from all services, were eager to share their operational experience with the MTT.

The Colombian Army provides a counter-insurgency platoon for the practical parts of the evaluation course, which demonstrated an extraordinary level of combat experience and capabilities.

Colombia has nominated multiple units to NATO's OCC pool of Forces in land, air and SOF services, and this MTT paves the way for future OCC activities to prepare selected Colombian units for NATO's OCC Pool of Forces.


Story by LANDCOM Public Affairs Office

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