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NATO Allied Land Command supported the recent combat readiness evaluation (CREVAL) of the 39/5 Hungarian Infantry Battalion in Újmajor Military Training Area, Veszprem, and Defence Forces Command in Székesfehérvár, Hungary from September 30 – October 03, 2019. When not conducting training exercises or operations, 39/5 calls Debrecen home.

As the organisation responsible for the coordination of all CREVAL activity for land forces within NATO, LANDCOM dispatched monitors to oversee the evaluation conducted by the Hungarian CREVAL team. The LANDCOM team consisted of German Army Lt. Col. Olaf Thase, the Senior NATO Mentor, and Romanian Army Maj. George Lesan.

The field portion of the CREVAL activity took place during Exercise BRAVE WARRIOR in the Hungarian Training Area Újmajor Verszprém, where the 39/5 was operating as a battlegroup in order to achieve the evaluation requirements. LANDCOM’s role during the exercise was to oversee the Evaluation Team Chief, Col. Zoltán Bárány of the Hungarian Defence Forces, and his team.

After observing the activities of the 39/5 Hungarian Infantry Battalion, Col. Bárány and Lt. Col. Thase agreed to declare the unit combat ready.

“The evaluation team chief followed very strictly doctrinal guidance and made use of the given opportunity to train and advise his evaluation team, he said.” He noted that the team had demonstrated a high level of professionalism and dedication to complete their task.

"The evaluation team was well prepared and thorough in their conduct of the evaluation,” said Thase.

By British Army Lt. Jonathan Bateman, LANDCOM Public Affairs

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