LANDCOM celebrates Army Birthday

IZMIR, Turkey – U.S. Army Lt. Gen. “JT” Thomson, the Commander of NATO Allied Land Command (LANDCOM), and the youngest member of the U.S. Contingent, U.S. Army Sgt. Jamesha George, cut the Army Birthday cake at LANDCOM Headquarters, June 14, 2019. Canadian Army Chief Warrant Officer Stephen Rice, the LANDCOM Command Senior Enlisted Leader; U.S. Army Maj. Jason “Jay” Atkinson, Commander of Company A, Allied Forces South (AFSOUTH) Battalion; and U.S. Army First Sgt. Reginald Smith, Senior Enlisted Leader of Co. A, AFSOUTH Bn.; rounded out the cake cutting team. (NATO photo by U.S. Army David Olson, LANDCOM Public Affairs.)
Jun 14, 2019
IZMIR, Turkey – Approximately 5,252 miles due east of Washington D.C., the U.S. Contingent of NATO Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) celebrated the 244th Army Birthday at the LANDCOM Headquarters on June 14, 2019 at 12:30 p.m. At the remote location in Western Turkey and the eastern most U.S. Contingent of NATO, 45 U.S. LANDCOM personnel gathered to sing the Army song and cut the Army birthday cake. U.S. Army Lt. Gen. "JT” Thomson, the LANDCOM Commander, gave a few remarks before cutting the cake.

Thomson explained, 244 years ago, the 22,000 members of the American militia were engaged in a fight against the British and things were not going too well. "The Army colors are adorned with 190 battle streamers… colors of courage… from campaigns that American Soldiers sweated for, bled for, and died for… at places like Yorktown, Gettysburg, Utah Beach, the Mekong Delta, Baghdad and the Korengal Valley. Many of you wear patches on your right sleeve from some of these campaigns.”

The group gathered to socialize for 30-minutes and enjoy the chocolate and yellow cake
and red berry juice in the hot, Izmir sun.
By U.S. Army Lt. Col. David Olson, LANDCOM Public Affairs

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