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23 August 2019


IZMIR, Turkey (August 23, 2019) — Friday marked Major General Erhan Uzun's last
day as Chief of Staff for NATO Allied Land Command after serving in the position since
August 2016. Uzun moves from LANDCOM to assume command of the Turkish 4th
Army Corps based in Ankara.

“Today is bitter sweet as we say farewell to a terrific warrior on very short notice. But
sweet because the Turkish leadership has selected Uzun to become the Head of the
Turkish 4th Army Corps,” said Lieutenant General J.T. Thomson, Commander of Allied
Land Command. “Erhan, thank you for your unmatched commitment, selfless teamwork
and your unyielding friendship. Know that you will be missed and that your incredible
service and dedication to LANDCOM will always be appreciated.”

During the ceremony, Uzun, an artillery officer by trade, was presented with the Order of

St. Maurice Peregrinus Award, the award given by the United States National Infantry
Association to those individuals from foreign militaries who have served in or support
the U.S. Infantry profession.

“It is with a heavy heart I have to do this, but I believe I leave LANDCOM in the best

hands,” said Uzun after receiving the prestigious award. “Over the past three years I
have seen a great deal of change, but I am sure there are only good things in the future.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at LANDCOM as Chief of Staff, and I hope I
can count you as my friends and not just colleagues,” he said.

Uzun is due to be replaced by Major General Metin Tokel, who most recently served as
commander of the 3rd Turkish Infantry Division.

Story by NATO ALLIED LAND COMMAND Public Affairs Office

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