British Sergeant receives the Sergeant Yahya Award

Lieutenant General Darryl Williams (left) and the Command Senior Enlisted Leader Stephen Rice (right) present Sergeant Julian Thomas (centre) with the Sergeant Yahya Award. - NATO Photo by Allied Land Command Public Affairs Office
Feb 6, 2018

IZMIR, Turkey - The Commander of NATO's Allied Land Command, Lieutenant General Darryl A. Williams, recently recognized exceptional soldiers across the Command during the Commander’s New Year’s Reception.
Amongst the award recipients was Sergeant Julian Thomas (UK Army) from LANDCOM’s G3 Coordination Office.
Sergeant Thomas received the very prestigious Sergeant Yahya Award and has been declared the 2017 NCO of the year. This decoration is reserved for those soldiers at LANDCOM who perform exceptionally well in their duties.
The award is named for the heroic Sergeant Yahya, who demonstrated loyalty, honour and respect to his country and his fellow soldiers taking charge of five infantry squads and defending his position.
Due to his superior performance of duty and meritorious achievement as an NCO in the LANDCOM Headquarters, Sergeant Thomas has joined the ranks of those before him who were recognized for their exceptional effort.
Story by NATO Land Command Public Affairs Office

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