"How We Fight" discussed at LC3 Conference

Lieutenant General Darryl Williams (center) surrounded by GRF(L) Commanders and other NATO representatives during the 12th Land Corps Commanders' Conference.
Mar 14, 2018
IZMIR, Turkey - Between March 12th and 14th this year, commanders from across the NATO land domain met in Izmir, Turkey, to discuss "How We Fight” in 360 degrees of planning and deterrence. Commanders and representatives of the NATO Graduated Readiness Forces – Land (GRFLs) gathered with Lieutenant General Darryl Williams at the bi-annual Land Corps Commanders’ Conference for frank discussions regarding the future of land forces in NATO. The topics of discussion primarily focused around planning and deterrence, the NATO Command Structure adaptation, and training and evaluation. 

The topics of discussion helped to clarify a way ahead for participants. First, the collective land community will look into developing a shared understand of the approach to planning using staff rides and terrain walks as a way to better understand the art and science of modern warfare. Second, the community may work to create a shared understanding of the NATO Command Structure adaption and the way ahead.

Lastly, the land elements will continue to identity opportunities to "train as we fight” in new and innovative ways. 


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