LANDCOM deploys C2 contingent in support of Exercise DACIAN GUARDIAN

Jul 17, 2017

A contingent of LANDCOM personnel joined Exercise DACIAN GUARDIAN 17 at the Headquarters of NATO Multinational Division South East to serve as the commands higher echelon and exercise LANDCOM’s readiness to deploy a headquarters element to conduct land operations and synchronize the command and control of NATO land forces.

Exercise DACIAN GUARDIAN 17 in Bucharest, Romania, is a component of SABER GUARDIAN 2017, the largest of the Black Sea training events this summer, conducted in partnership between NATO and the US Army Forces in Europe. That larger exercise with over 25,000 personnel is taking place at numerous locations throughout Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, being a training venue for the collective defense, increasing partner capacity and improving interoperability.

"This exercise is beneficial to both LANDCOM and Multinational Division South East Headquarters,” said Chief Warrant Officer Stephen Rice, LANDCOMs Senior Enlisted Advisor. "It allows us to exercise our ability to serve as a higher headquarters for MND-SE which is extremely helpful to the subordinate command as the primary training audience, and it exercises LANDCOM’s ability to deploy a small portion of the headquarters to serve as a command and control node for the conduct and synchronization of land operations.”

For LANDCOM, Exercise DACIAN GUARDIAN is one of several stepping stones leading up to its own evaluation Exercise TRIDENT JAVELIN, which will occur in October of this year primarily at the Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway.

The comprehensive support offered by LANDCOM at Exercise DACIAN GUARDIAN 17, helps contribute to the development of the current NATO assurance and deterrence capabilities, and enhances NATO aptitude to keep a safe and secure environment within the Southeast region of NATO.

"I think the training was mutually beneficial for all involved,” said Rice. "These types of opportunities help both the higher and lower command, and I think this is definitely something we should sustain in the future as we continue to improve our ability to both serve as land advocates for the Alliance, and serve as a potential command and control headquarters for NATO land forces.”


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