eFP Rehearsal of Concept Drill

The NATO compass stands in front of Headquarters Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) on General Vecihi Akin Garrison in Izmir, Turkey, on March 24, 2017. LANDCOM is the leading advocate for soldiers and land forces in NATO, responsible for ensuring their effectiveness and interoperability. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Joshua T. Jasper)
Mar 24, 2017

IZMIR, Turkey – NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence concept serves to reinforce Alliance collective defence, providing a balanced and proportionate addition to NATO’s response measures in times of crisis. The eFP Rehearsal of Concept Drill hosted by NATO Headquarters Land Command (LANDCOM) in Izmir from 27th to the 28th of March will provide a dynamic and operational testing environment to discuss and progress planning and procedures amongst the eFP community. More than 14 Troop Contributing Nations will participate in the drill, including representatives from the NATO Force Integration Units.

‘’NATO Allied LAND Command has been closely involved in the eFP planning process, in support of Joint Forces Command – Brunssum”, said Lt. Gen. Darryl A. Williams, Commander NATO Headquarters Land Command. "The upcoming RoC drill in Izmir will add tremendous value to ongoing eFP preparation and deployment, and will reinforce and solidify planning requirements for this deployment and future rotations’’

The ROC drill is designed to provide, in a controlled environment, an operational platform that explores numerous scenarios that will test NATO’s eFP defensive options. The wide range of exercise scenarios, including national responses, Home Defence Forces, NATO Force Integration Units, and the deployment of the multi-national Battle Groups along with contributing nations will all be re-viewed. Following analysis and deep assessment, the ROC drills will allow further discussion and procedural review.

Maj. Gen. Erhan Uzun, Turkish Army, Chief of Staff, NATO headquarters Land Command added "I am extremely proud that the NATO Headquarters Land Command in Izmir, the ‘hub’ for the Land Domain, will host the eFP ROC drill. This will provide a testing platform that will significantly contribute to effective defensive operational planning. I know all key participants are looking forward to this vital planning opportunity.’’

LANDCOM’s main effort remains supporting within the Land Domain readiness and responsiveness where the forthcoming ROC drills will also highlight NATOs capability and interoperability success. Further in the year, LANDCOM will also provide a leading role in other Response planning including its role in supporting Major Joint Operations.


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