6th Annual Chiefs of Staff Conference

Jun 22, 2017

Izmir, Turkey - From June 21st to 22nd, Allied Land Command’s Chief of Staff Major General Erhan Uzun hosted his counterparts from NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (Spain, Greece, Italy, and Turkey), Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, Rapid Reaction Corps France, Multinational Corps Northeast, 1st German Netherland Corps, Eurocorps, and Multinational Division Southeast to the 6th Annual Chiefs of Staff Conference in Izmir, Turkey. Every year this conference brings together Chiefs of Staff to allow a platform for discussing topics of common interest, share ideas on best practices, and to address future challenges that may arise for LANDCOM and its partners. Not inherently a decision making body, the COS Conference dedicates itself to openly discussing key issues that NATO faces today.

Not only does the COS Conference address the handling of new concepts and structures within NATO, but it also allows each member to identify or discuss a path to resolve new and evolving challenges for NATO. Threats of regional instability, terrorism, violent extremism, weapons of mass destruction, cyber-attacks, hybrid threats, and many more often arise in these discussions. The Alliance needs to be ready for these upcoming challenges and the COS Conference takes us one step closer to achieving the objectives of collective security. This year the conference members were able to discuss topics such as the NATO Command Structure Adaptation, Comprehensive All-Domain Operations Capstone Concept, NEPR and SAGE 2019, and NATO Strategic Direction South. 


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