Core Planning Team Meeting for the NATO - Georgian Exercise 16

Jul 20, 2016
Izmir – Turkey. NATO Land Command (LANDCOM) is hosting the Core Planning Team Meeting (CPTM-2A) for the NATO – Georgian Exercise 16 at its Headquarters in Izmir, from 19 - 21 July.

LANDCOM DCOM, Lieutenant General Paolo Ruggiero, gave the opening remarks at the workshop where LANDCOM personnel will provide advice and mentorship to the Georgian General Staff in their role as Officer Conducting (OCE) the NATO – Georgian Exercise 16 (NATO-GEO EX16). The focus is on the practical application of the NATO Exercise Planning Process. The main purpose of the LANDCOM involvement is to support the Georgian officers in drafting the Exercise Plan (EXPLAN) for this NATO Exercise. The 13 involved LANDCOM Subject Matter Experts (SME) will provide advice and quality assurance of various parts of the EXPLAN.

The NATO-GEO EX16 will take place in Georgia from 10 to 21 November 2016 at the Joint Training and Evaluation Centre. A Georgian-Led Multinational Brigade will be the Primary Training Audience (PTA) and it will be trained in planning and conducting a Non-Article 5 Crisis Response Operation. The exercise will be set in an asymmetric environment involving some combat incidents with medium intensity.

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