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Brilliant Capability 2016

”Brilliant Capability 2016” set a milestone in the development of the Multinational Corps Northeast. The exercise has been carried out from 30th May till 3rd June as the last – but, obviously, not least – part of an intensive training schedule preceding the Warsaw Summit. Both "Trident Joust” and "Brilliant Jump” (ALERTEX and DEPLOYEX) – the two previous pieces in the exercise cluster – have laid a strong foundation for the Corps to meet the final challenge in terms of readiness, effectiveness and command and control capabilities. This has resulted directly out of the 2014 Wales Summit.

The Corps is undergoing a tremendous transformation in order to make NATO more capable to face the new security challenges in this specific region of Europe. This transformation is a part of NATO’s long-term vision. – stated Lieutenant General Manfred Hofmann, the Commander Multinational Corps Northeast.

With "Brilliant Capability” the Corps has demonstrated its overall readiness to rapidly react to any eventuality on the Eastern flank of NATO. First and foremost, this applies to the ability of the Corps to bring the "spearhead” into the region and then to command and control the VJTF once the forces arrive in Northeastern Europe.

I would like to highlight the fact that one of the peculiarities of MNC NE is its specific territorial expertise, covering NATO’s Eastern flank, in particular Poland and the three Baltic states, where there are already established the NATO Force Integration Units (NFIUs) – said General Salvatore Farina, the Commander Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum.

The Corps’ ability to command the NATO Force Integration Units is no less important. Under the leadership of the Corps, these small reception bases will identify logistical networks, transportation nodes and supporting infrastructure to ensure that the "spearhead force” can deploy in an assigned area as quick as possible.

All this enables us to act in a commanding role but also as information providers. ­– said General Hofmann – Together with the NFIUs we are building our awareness and understanding of our Area of Responsibility. By doing this, and under the Readiness Action Plan, we show that the Alliance is capable of – and fully committed – to ensuring the security of the Northeastern region of Europe in a legitimate and proportionate way. This commitment is rock solid.

More than anything else, "Brilliant Capability” is a validation that all of the hard work that the Corps has done over the last year to implement its new Standard Operating Procedures has been effective. It was repeatedly stressed by General Hofmann than none of this could have been possible without an enormous involvement of the entire personnel, both military and civilian: I am extremely proud to be here with you today and to be a part of the MNC NE team. – said the General.

The Corps’ historic accomplishment has been recognized internationally and met with a lot of appreciation: All of the 23 nations contributing to this Corps have made a great job. Impressive! ­– applauded General Mieczysław Gocuł, the Chief of General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces.

It is, therefore, official that "Brilliant Capability” represents the Corps’ enhanced role in the NATO Force Structure.

"Brilliant Capability 2016” is the final step in the long and challenging journey: today I can report to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) that Multinational Corps Northeast is operationally capable to carry out the new tasks coming from its higher responsibilities. – announced General Farina.

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