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Partners NCO Leadership Workshop

One of the most important roles of all NCOs is leadership development of their subordinates. Not only does this prepare him/her  to carry out their duties as their career evolves, it also secures the future of the unit, formation, and institution as a whole, by ensuring that it has the leadership capabilities available to move the institution forward well into the future. We must always train our replacements.

This concept is just as true within the NATO context. Leadership development supports both Lines of Operation One and Two of the LANDCOM Plan, as well as SACEUR’s Top Thoughts for a Changing World”, namely "Leadership for the Next Generation”.

This fall, the Command Sergeant Major of LANDCOM will host a "Partner NCO Leadership Workshop” in Izmir Turkey from 30 November through 02 December. The target audience will be the Senior-most Non-Commissioned NCOs from Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, and Partners Across the Globe countries, as well as the CSELS from the 9 GRF(L)s.

The aim of the Workshop is to gather the Senior Non-Commissioned representatives in order to develop the linkages and networks that will assist in facilitating the development of Partner’s NCO Corps. Three main themes will be covered during the workshop which includes NCO Responsibilities and The Command Team Concept, NCO Professional Military Education, and Training Opportunities.

LANDCOM looks forward to hosting this event and hopes that it receives the international support needed to ensure success.

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