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LANDCOM Deputy Commander visits EUROCORPS

On January 29th DCOM LANDCOM LTG Ed Davis visited EUROCORPS in Strasbourg.

The Commander LTG Guy Buchsenschmidt introduced a unique Headquarters, based on 5 framework nations and capable to perform different roles as required by the Europen Union, NATO or the UN.

It can provide a Land Component Command or a Rapid Reaction Corps within the NATO Response Force (NRF), a Force and Mission HQ for the European Union Missions (training, monitoring and advising missions) and a Multinational Army Corps under a mandate of the United Nations.

EUROCORPS is currently focused on delivering the Joint Task Force role and on the preparation for providing the core of the European Union Training Mission (EUTM) in Mali in the second semester 2015.

The visit was an opportunity to explore how LANDCOM and EUROCOPRS can benefit from each other support: while LTG Buchsenschmidt expressed his desire to offer the HQ participation as a training audience during the LANDCOM Trident Lance series IN 2017/2018, LTG Davis highlighted it's value as important mean in establishing solid relations between NATO and the European Union.

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