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LANDCOM Commander visits ARRC

NATO’s Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) commander, Lieutenant General John W. Nicholson, speaks to U.S. personnel working at Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps during his visit Monday, Feb. 23, 2015. The visit strengthened ties between the UK-based ARRC and the Land Command stationed in Izmir, Turkey.

In peacetime, LANDCOM serves as the principal advisor for the Alliance, providing expertise in support of NATO's land forces readiness, competency, and standardization, including their evaluation and certification.

Central to the Army Chief’s new operating concept is the phrase, "how we are going to be successful in a complex world,” he said to a small room of U.S. service members at the ARRC. "Your competence at your job and the ways in which you can bring to bear American capabilities to help this force and help the alliance are extremely important. Each of you have your area of subject matter expertise that’s really important to [ARRC] and for this Corps to be able to deliver victory, on behalf of NATO, if it’s called upon to do so.

(NATO photo/WO2 Ian Houlding GBR Army)

Story by HQ ARRC Public Affairs Office

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