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Land Operations Working Group in LANDCOM

The combined 33rd Land Operations Working Group (LOWG) and 24th Doctrine & Procedures Working Group(D&PWG) conference was hosted and chaired by HQ LANDCOM in Izmir between 26-29 May 2015.
The forum was considered a huge success by both parties (National doctrine representatives and GRF(L)s’ representatives) and positive feedback and a collective desire to return to Izmir on an annual basis was expressed.

Following the main outcomes:

•  The plenary session briefings with key speakers and COM LANDCOM presence were very much appreciated and proved to be important to set a common ground of understanding among attendees about the current developments within NATO;

• Significant progress in the development of the "trilogy” of key Land Doctrinal documents (AJP 3.2 (Land Ops); ATP 3.2.1 (Land Tactics); ATP 3.2.1 (C2 of Land Forces);

• Unanimous support by LOWG for the development of a LANDCOM Staff Handbook ;

• Very good discussions and improved mutual awareness among D&PWG attendees who had the possibility to discuss common problems (in particular related to CREVAL, VJTF and JTF HQ), understand the future implications of VJTF issue and how they may influence doctrine produced by LOWG.

Additionally, on 26 May 2015, Special Advisor to the Secretary General for Economics and Security Mr. Diego A. R. Palmer has visited LANDCOM. He had discussions and staff panel with LANDCOM staff.

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