DCOM LC visits the Danish CHOD

Nov 12, 2015
On 10thNovember 2015 DCOM LANDCOM, LTG Ed Davis, met the Danish Chief of Defense (CHoD), General Peter Bartram. The aim of the visit was to promote LANDCOM’s role within the Land Community, discuss Denmark’s view on NATO Land developments, and seek consensus on Graduated Response Planning, Adaptation and Assurance Measures.

LTG Davis recommended Danish participation in NATO Combined Training Conferences (CTC), an important and regular forum that enhances NATO’s collective understanding and cohesion.   At the Land Community level, the CTC also provides invaluable visibility on National and NATO exercises and opportunities for mutual training support.

LTG Davis thanked the Danish CHoD for the valued and significant Danish Land contribution to the NATO Command and Force structure, including LANDCOM and Multinational Corps North East. LTG Davis encouraged Denmark’s continued investment in, and integration with LANDCOM, to ensure relevance, readiness and responsiveness and the provision of situational awareness relating to contemporary issues and NATO developments.


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