JLHMD (Joint Land Heavy Military Demonstration) in TRJE 15

Nov 9, 2015
During TRJE 15 (Trident juncture 15 Exercise), DV Day was conducted with a JLHMD on 4th November 2015. The demonstration took place in Zaragoza, San Gregorio Training Area. Around 150 International and local media staff engaged in DV Day.

During the event 82nd Airborne Division conducted an airborne operation in San Gregorio Training area, they flew directly from their bases in US. JLHMD was directed by LANDCOM. A Meet the Troops (MTT) event took place after the JLHMD.

JLHMD revealed the defensive interoperability capabilities of NATO Land forces. It demonstrated NATO’s steadfast capabilities and readiness.  SOF Units from different countries made air assault operations into Casaa Altas urban area in the same event.

Maritime portion of the TRJE15 DV day was held on 5th November 2015 in Portugal.

CBRN units also attended the MTT event after the Press Conference.

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