Deputy Chief of Staff Support

  Brigadier General 

  Stanisław KACZYŃSKI, Ph.D.

  Date & place of birth:  15.06.1960, Kutno






 Education, trainings, courses: 

2014            Defense Policy’s postgraduate studies at the Academy of National Defense

2004            PhD studies in commanding completed at the Academy of National Defense

1998            Studies majoring in Forces’ command organization and management at the Academy of National Defense

1985-89       Mechanized Armed Forces’ Military College in Wrocław

Military Service record:

1989-94       Platoon leader in the 1st Assault battalion

1994-96       Company commander in the 1 st  Special Regiment

1996-98       Studies majoring in Forces’ command organization and management  at the Academy of National Defense

1998-99       Specialist in the Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Department

1999-2002   Chief of a Reconnaissance Section, 25th AirCavBde

2000-01       Chief of an Operational Department – Polish Military Contingent in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2002-04       Chief of an Operational Section, 25th AirCavBde

2003            Senior specialist – Polish Military Contingent in the Republic of Iraq

2004-06       Chief of a rocket and artillery forces, 25th AirCavBde

2005            Group’s deputy of the commander – Polish Military Contingent in the Republic of Iraq

2006-2008   The 1st Air Cavalry Battalion’s Commander

2007-08       Self-reliant Air-Assault Group’s Commander – Polish Military Contingent in the Republic of Iraq

2008-11       Chief of staff of the 25th AirCavBde

2008            Military Observer  – Polish Military Contingent in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

2009            Senior Military Adviser  – Polish Military Contingent in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

2011-13       Chief of the training branch in the Aeromobile Department, Land Forces’ Command

2013-14       Trainee at the Academy of National Defense

2014            The 25th Air Cavalry Brigade’s Commander            

2017            The 16th Mechanized Division Deputy Commander /Chief of Staff



1989            2LT

1992            1LT

1996            Captain

2001            Major

2004            Lieutenant Colonel

2011            Colonel

2015            Brigadier General


Decorations, medals & awards:

1995            For Merit for National Defense Bronze Medal

1999            The Armed Forces in the Homeland’s Service Bronze Medal

2002            The Merit’s Cross Bronze Medal

2005            For Merit for National Defense Silver Medal

2006            The Armed Forces in the homeland’s Service Silver Medal

2008            The Iraq Star

2010            The Afghanistan Star

2012            For Merit for National Defense Gold Medal

2013            For Long Service Silver Medal


Interests :

football, military history, international security



Wife Bożena, daughter Kamila (age 19), daughter Karolina (age 19)


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