Combined Training Conference – General Officers’ Steering Committee (CTC – GOSC) 2017

Mar 9, 2017

Izmir – Turkey. From 6 to 8 March, on behalf of the Commanding Generals of Allied Land Command and US Army Europe (USAREUR), LANDCOM Headquarters hosted the Combined Training Conference – General Officers’ Steering Committee (CTC – GOSC) 2017 meeting.

Building upon the experience of previous iterations of CTC – GOSC (May 2016 and November 2016) and given the fact that NATO is conducting a comprehensive NATO Exercise Programme Review (NEPR), the CTC- GOSC 2017 had two main purposes:

  • To disseminate to empowered representatives of NATO Land Community (NATO member countries and the GRF(L)s), the content and current status of the NEPR, with the intent to contribute to a better alignment of NATO and national and multinational Land Training and Exercises (TREX) in general; and to generate discussion and gather national opinions and proposals which could still contribute to the results of NEPR.
  • To present and discuss ways to improve coordination between NATO and national and multinational TREX during the period 2018 – 2020, in order to allow national Land TREX representatives to take decisions on their national TREX plans, and to provide directions and guidance to their national representatives in the forthcoming TREX coordination events, that is Combined Training Conferences, CTC 2017-1 (May 2017) and CTC 2017-2 (November 2017).

The 2-days conference was opened by an introduction on LANDCOM and USAREUR and was divided into two blocks:

The first block was an update on the ongoing GOSC and on the results of the NATO Training Synchronization Conference (NATO-TSC, 22-24 February 2017).

The second block, following a practical approach, intended to achieve a common understanding and agreement among NATO Land community on how to best coordinate and gain synergies between NATO and national and multinational Training and Exercises (TREX). It consisted basically in two discussions on TREX related to NATO Strategic Direction East and South (NSD-East and NSD-South).

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